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Get The Space You Need For Your Home

We have been providing Australia with some of the most innovative and cutting edge granny flat kit designs on the market. Our range of kit granny flats are perfect for a wide variety of applications. With the rising cost of living and also the upwards trend in land and construction prices many people are seeking to get more out of the land they already have available or simply just want to downsize into a smaller home. prefabricated homes are perfect for these applications because they allow a home owner the ability to fully utilise the space available whilst also providing a high level of creature comfort.

As you can see on our website designs have been made to save space and also afford a quality of life that many previously thought impossible with smaller homes. The series has been designed to not only space conscious, but  to also comply with many of the latest state and federal building regulations. We are constantly monitoring the ever changing regulatory environment and, as such, our studio and 2 bedroom concept designs are up to date and utilise the latest building technologies.

Ideal For Downsizing..

modern movements towards kit homes have also been making greate inroads into the downsizing market. As the population ages there are more and more home owners who are looking to move out of their 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom property and into a residence that is much more mnageable from both a cleaning and also maintenance perspective. All our kits have been designed taking a holistic view and as such we have kept stairs and other potential hazards to a minimum. This creates ease of entry and also the peace of mind in knowing that the prefabricated dwelling will provide a safe and comfortable home for many years to come. Our kits are constructed from intelligent and well thought out designs and can allow home owners to continue to reside at their chosen property for many years. Once constucted, a modular home will provide a well earned boost in property value as they will allow a greater number of people to reside on the said land.

Achieve Higher Returns By Reducing In Size

Our homes also offer great incentives for investors as a property owner can now construct a new granny flat with minimal resources and get maximum value from their investment. With recent legislation changes in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne it is now possible to build a prefab property on many areas of previously unseable spare land. From an investment perspective this means that the value of an investment property, and also the rental returns received can be increased quite dramatically without have to allocate large amounts of resources. Many investors are finding that they can construct a prefab property on their land and utilise their current cashflow and negative gearing returns to fund the endeavour. Without the need to sub-divide the available land, a significant amount of red tape and time are by passed.

After 30 years of helping Australians build and construct their dream dwellings and homes, Kit Granny Flats Australia has the industry know how and experience to guide and simplify the otherwise complicated process of designing and constructing your the new investment high riser.