Simple & Stylish

Simple and stylish Granny Flat Kit  

Simple & Stylish: The Flat Where Nothing Is Left To Chance

The Simple & Stylish only just falls short of being the largest modular granny flat in this range, measuring an ample 10.2 metres along the front, with a depth of 5.8 metres.

When you enter it's easy to under-estimate the living space available, but behind those doors leading off are four generously proportioned rooms. The light filters in from the kitchen window ahead of you and gives a friendly, welcoming feel to the living area.

Priority is given to the two bedrooms, each measuring 10.8 square meters, with one incorporating a luxurious built-in wardrobe. Of course one or the other can be used as a study or storage area. In any event they are the largest bedrooms in the range, but it doesn't stop there.

The Prefabricated Design That Offers All The Comforts

The bathroom of this granny flat kit is a generous 5.4 square meters (again, the largest in the range), with plenty of room to move around, and designed with ease of use and cleaning in mind. And it's so near to the main bedroom that it could almost be an en suite.

On top of that, and uniquely in the Outback range, the  Simple & Stylish has a laundry room, which, at over 4.3 square meters, is surprisingly spacious. That leaves the kitchen, by no means lacking in space itself, solely for food-preparation and storage.

The living area is cosy yet large enough for two residents plus a couple of guests, with all essential facilities close at hand.

Outside, you can customise the appearance with one of our stone cladding options. Inside, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the sturdy construction will withstand cyclone, bush fire and earthquake. Ideal as a home extension or temporary home for newly-weds, the  Simple & Stylish ticks all the boxes and is unbeatable value for money.

The stainless steel, pre-formatted framework and building material make these this is a simple and stylish designs both comfortable and secure. The quality of workmanship of our builders and craftsmen, all with considerable experience of constructing these kit homes, will give you full confidence in your investment.

The top-of-the-range Tumut provides luxury and ease of maintenance at the same time. With only four internal doors, yet comprising six separate areas, this 2 bedroom kit home is so cleverly designed it is simply one of the best you could choose.

Simple & Stylish Investment

With the pressure now on to restrict out-of-town residential developments, together with the increasing desire on the part of many younger people to live closer to the centres of towns and cities, these types of living are starting to become an essential feature of any decent suburban home landscape. Comprised of only the highest quality materials, our granny flat kit homes will only increase in value as land availability shrinks.

Meanwhile, rents are inevitably increasing as well, which means a healthy return on your capital by way of income. Being top of this range, the  Simple & Stylish will bring a faster return in both capital appreciation and rentals. So if you have been considering how to increase the returns from your investment then looking further into the kit home landscape is the way to go!