Our Modular Styled Pre-Fab Home

Modular Pre-FAB granny flat design

Modular Prefabricated Simplicity Home

Our Modular Pre-FAB  (prefabricated) kit granny flat design is known as the baby of our range and is built from the ideal 1 bedroom floor plan. The modular styled pre-fab home design allows for maximum use of space whilst providing a high level of features and a great comfort factor. As you can see from the below plans our Modular Pre-Fab is designed at 6 metres in width and 6.5 metres in depth. This gives a total floor space of 39 square metres (or 4.33 squares) and provides an ideal amount of space for a smaller abode.

The kit has been designed to comply with all state and national regulations and is perfect for those who wish to construct a granny flat in Sydney, NSW as well as Queensland And Victoria. The living area has been designed to provide a good amount of living space without becoming a large hassle in terms of cleaning and maintenance. The Modular Pre-FAB comes fitted out with many of the latest features and can be fully customised depending on the particular requirements.

Build Easy With A Pre-Fab Modular Kit

In terms of construction the residence itself can be delivered to the property with an absolute minimum of fuss and we can also refer to our bank of reliable and hardworking builders. These tradesmen have many years experience in constructing kit home designs and, as such, you can can rest assured that the final build quality is second to none and the end result will be a perfect alignment of space and luxury.

The prefabricated modular home is the ideal solution for those who need just a small amount of added space and those who have a small area in which to operate. The trimmings will allow for a great quality of life without many of the grander/larger scale space requirement.

Granny Flats Can Help Boost Investment Returns

For investors who have a small area that they are looking to get maximum returns from, our Modular Pre-Fab allows a completely seperate entry-way and living area. This means that the total property will have an additional rental source and as such, the total investment returns will increase. With todays trend towards infilling available land and the greater desire from the rental market to live closer to city centres, many investors are finding that the modular home provides a perfect solution to their dilema. With the recent legislation changes in the Sydney market it is now much easier to construct a granny flat on an existing property. Local councils have slashed the red-tape involved in the approval process and there is now no better time to take advantage of the tight rental market and higher yields that are available with these pre-fab homes.

With the latest increase in rental returns it is possibe to speak to your financial institution about your investment ideas. Property is a solid concept in the current market and building a prefabricated design is a low cost way of boosting returns. Investors will see increased rents achieved and many have found a positive result in terms of total property value.