These days it's easy to find totally self-sufficient granny flat designs, and you may be researching to know more about modular dwellings and the various designs and floor plans available.

Modular homes are more than just a secondary extension to your existing home even though, the secondary suite can be made independent of the primary dwelling or could be connected to the main house. this type of dwelling is commonly made available to an elderly relative or anyone else in need of a small independent place to live in.

Some districts, as per the zone’s regulations, do not grant permission for such suites and if at all it is permitted, only the relatives of the primary house owners are allowed to use it; and mostly they were given to mother-in-laws in order to have the loved ones close to them without having to sacrifice their privacy, hence the name granny flats originated.

Affordable And Beautiful Granny Flats

Choosing The Right Place And Design

Kit homes or modular homes are also known as prefab homes. Our kit granny suites are made with an idea to make the person dwelling in it comfortable in that little space. They have their own kitchen, living area, bathroom and it comes with a separate entry.  This is more often built above a garage or behind it, and at times it can be made beneath the floor of the main house and they are termed basement suits. They are mostly attached to the main building but could even be away from the main house like a guesthouse.

modern prefabricated homes are small apartments and are very popular in Australia and Britain and with the elderly relatives who are unable to live by themselves yet do not wish to lodge themselves in old age homes are provided accommodation in these flats. This way they are able to lead independent lives yet are close to their loved ones who help out when the going gets a little difficult. This is indeed a super convenient system with advantages to both the parties. Some of these flats have doors connecting them to the primary house for convenience sake but they all have separate entrances too.

Now coming to the designs and floor plans, one can get good customized designs and floor plans to suit individual needs. It could be a simple single bedroom flat or a little more spacious double bedroom flat, some may want to have one out in the country to use it as a weekend retreat too.

Before deciding on the granny flat design and granny flat floor plan that suits you best, the most important issue to be taken care of is the local council guidelines like what specifications are to be adhered to and what are the restrictions. For example, how big your kit home can be in the space available, etc. and when once this is done the rest will be taken care of by the several house plan firms that are coming out with amazing customized granny flat designs.

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